Unistockists Nigeria have been founded to meet the request of the oil companies to organize and develop stocking facilities arrangements at ONNE FREE ZONE

Thanks to their long term agreement with Intels, Unistockists can count on their own warehousing facilities and almost unlimited open stacking area which they intend to develop in accordance with the needs of their clients

Because of their indigenous status Unistockists allow customers an easier and effective entry into the Nigerian and West Africa markets


Unistockists is the ideal agent or partner for all worldwide suppliers to the oil & gas industry in Nigeria and West African Countries, served through ONNE FREE ZONE because:

  • Unistockists are registered within the vendor list of all major companies in Nigeria, therefore automatically consulted as bidders and, in case of emergency, as suppliers

  • Unistockists will represent a number of major stockists appointed by the oil companies for their regular supplies
  • An inventory in excess of USD 10m will be permanently available at Unistockists warehouse at ONNE FREE ZONE
  • Unistockists Nigeria Ltd are registered with NAPINS

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